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Image 06Brief introduction to Kavosh Joosh Activities 

Kavosh Joosh has started special welding activities since 1986 primarily with welding & re-building rollers of different industries and developed thereafter through welding of train and crane wheels. 
Hardfacing activity has also become our specialized field using Chromium and Tungsten Carbide under the cooperation of Corodur-Thale in Germany. 
Kavosh Joosh undertakes technical and consultancy services since 2003 in order to offer his esteemed customers the choice of material and to produce wear resistant plates (Chromium and Tungsten Carbide) by flux cored welding process widely applicable to steel, cement, mine, drilling, paper, oil extracting and carton making industries. 
We have also expanded our specialized welding activities in 2010 for cladding oil & gas wellhead equipment using special alloys including Stainless Steel, Inconel, Cobalt Base and other high temperature corrosion resistant alloys. 

We utilize our widespread technical and engineering facilities, equipped workshops, extensive data bank, advanced laboratories university professors and experts to present our valuable services to our local and international industries. 

Kavosh Joosh advanced welding services summarized hereunder: 

1. Automatic Welding of Continuous Casting Rollers 
The rollers surface, exposed to the wear, due to thousand tons of steel continuous casting in different working conditions with high temperature, causing crack on the surface, diameter reduction and water corrosion. These problems solved by cladding process in order for the rollers to be re-used. Pre-weld machining helps removing the cracks at the first stage while buffer layer and stainless steel in final layer recovers the original size, final machining accomplishes re-used. 

2. Re-building leveler and pinch rolls through hardfacing at 55±2 HRC which are exposed to severe metal-to-metal wear in high speed application as well as hardfacing or cladding of hot rolled iron beam, carton making rollers, aluminum industry rollers and various shafts including vessel, mandrill of pipe mills are within our welding activities. 

3- Hardfacing and re-building crane and train wheels 
The welding application is made using both flux cored welding wire and welding flux manufactured by Kavosh Joosh in order to re-build passenger and cargo profile train wheels due to metal-to-metal wear . Crane wheels wear out during the time is also re-build in profile and tread section. 

4- Corrosion and wear resistant welding (Cladding or Hardfacing) 
Kavosh Joosh is also taking above activity within its current welding business including hardfacing of mixer blades, conveyor screws, drills, crusher jaws, sinter crushers, milling segments and other parts exposed to corrosion in high temperature such as liners, covers and ring of industries using super-alloy cobalt base for cladding. 

5- Production of chromium carbide and other alloys wear plates by welding 
Extensively applied to parts with high wear resistance and hardness in different industries including bughouse fan cover, tunneling shields of mineral, truck hoppers and inner tube welding for passing abrasives. 

6- Cladding oil and gas equipment 
Kavosh Joosh has accomplished super alloys cladding inside the oil and gas equipment project by enjoying our technical expertise to develop a special full CNC automatic hot wire GTAW process for using Inconel 625 super alloy welding wire in order to eliminate corrosion problem due to passing of corrosive and sour gasses in this part. kavosh Joosh has received GL approval to provide its valued customers with such services. 
Kavosh Joosh has also initiated the application of tungsten carbide and stellite welding in various grades on the seat and gate of oil and gas valves to ensure the parts are wear resistant. 

7- Vertical roller mill repair in cement industry 
Kavosh Joosh on-site repaired vertical rollers mill in cement industry using special equipment and local product flux-cored welding wire (chromium carbide,…) , in addition performs fabrication and hardfacing of cement industry parts such as chutes, fan blades etc. 






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