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KavoshJoosh, a Private Joint Stock (P.J.S) Company established in 1985 by a group of university graduates and experts in welding to improve both theoretical and practical welding knowledge specially welding automation. During the years, enjoying theskilled manpower, advanced labs, new production methods and initiatives, lead the company to the top in local welding industry. 
KavoshJoosh has received Norway DNV, France BV and German GL approvals as well as German RWTUV certificate from ISO in the year 2000. 

Our quality control,merit R&D team together with the welding, production and sales engineering dept. continuously support our valued consumers. 
Exports to Germany, Turkey and Lebanon and implementation of special welding by KavoshJoosh is a great honor in the welding industry and hopefully we shall witness rendering our products not only locally but worldwide within the near future. 
KavoshJoosh has constructed an industrial plant of 6000 m2in an area of 50,000 m2 within 75Km south of capital as the production premises to accomplish the upcoming expansion plan stated hereunder: 

• Increasing annual Welding Flux production capacity to 7,000 tons. 
• Increasing annual Flux Cored Arc Welding Wire production capacity to 1,000 tons. 
• Increasing annual Submerged Arc Welding production capacity to 3,000 tons. 
• Increasing special welding and cladding wellhead valves to maximum extent.


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